Endereço: Av. Maria de Lurdes Mutola
Bairro de Magoanine “A” Q1 Casa noo 183

Phone number(s)
+258 842496629
+258 827367183


Contact email(s)
[email protected]

Ministry Overview
Ambassadors Football Mozambique it is a nonprofit ministry existing to serve the nation trough the vehicle of football. Focusing on rising and equipping young talents in their God given abilities.

Our vision is to promote football practice, in all national territory equally to all races, tribes, languages, cultures and colors.

We seek to serve society by training and equipping leaders to develop their communities in all areas of development; social, emotional, spiritual, economic, and physical.

We are people with a Football vocation and we us that in the following ways to reach our goals:

  • Football Clubs
  • Clinics
  • TREC
  • Tournaments
  • Academies
  • Camps