Globally – Our teams play in leagues, tournaments, and friendlies around the world. From children to adults, our teams provide great competition, camaraderie, sharing of our faith, and discipleship. Within our teams and for those we compete against, the pitch is place for us to live out our faith and provide a witness different than the rest of the football world.

A Different Approach – Our desire is to model football clubs that are run with excellence and demonstrate a difference that others take notice of. Our faith is the key component that we bring to our play to show others the ways of Jesus. We want to show that the transformation of lives can be achieved through the running of local clubs built on the premise of FOOTBALL•FAITH•FUTURE.

Clubs – Our club concept has been fundamental in the development of the organisation and has been central to our player and coach ministry methodology. Across the globe you will find Ambassadors Football Clubs spanning the full breadth of football types from 5-a-side futsal to full 11-a-side teams. You’ll also see street teams as well as amateur level and semi pro teams. We have even fielded professional teams in the past, both in the USA and Africa.

Training Others – We also seek to train and support individuals and churches to run clubs at the local level. Individuals can create faith-based community ministries or partner with their church to create a new dynamic ministry that draws people in who may not otherwise engage with the church. We have seen many attendees of our TREC courses return to their local communities and begin their ministries through the formation of a team or club.