Quisqueya Chapel Offices

Delmas 75
Rue Catalpa
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Phone number(s)
US/Skype 215-253-8890
Haiti: +509-3150-8700


Contact email(s):
[email protected]

Ministry Overview:
In Haiti we use a foundation modeled around the 3 Bs.

A Ball
Soccer is the most popular sport in Haiti. Ambassadors Football Haiti uses the attraction of soccer to start teams at Christian elementary & high schools and churches. These teams use soccer to reach out to the surrounding communities. In Haiti there is complete freedom to share Christ with the opposing team before or after games, and many players and spectators have trusted in Christ through this type of outreach.

A Bible
The Bible is the basis for the Christian character training provided to players involved in our teams. The curriculum introduces our players to Christian morals in a memorable and practical way. Since our goal is to eventually leave the ministry in the hands of trained Haitian leaders, a select group receives specialized leadership training.

A Briefcase
The Briefcase represents the small businesses we are starting to accomplish two objectives:

1) Provide an additional means of income for the 270-300 Haitians who voluntarily run Ambassadors Football Haiti teams in schools.

2) To create a Haitian source of support for Ambassadors Football Haiti so the ministry can eventually become self-supporting. Our largest program is called “Give a kid a kid in Haiti”. This program teaches our leaders and players how to raise goats. They are then provided with a pregnant goat for them to raise and use in building a sustainable income for the ministry.