Toward The Goal

Welcome to Toward The Goal, a curriculum project being developed by Ambassadors Football to help children all over the world know Jesus and the Bible in a much more meaningful way.

We’ve created this web experience to prayerfully inspire you to join us in this calling. So please, enjoy the story and at the end we’ll see if you’re GOING FOR GOAL through PRAY / DO / TELL.

START WITH PRAYER PLEASE – Before you get started, would you take just a moment and ask the Lord to speak clearly to your heart as the vision to reach children for Christ begins to take shape for you.

We invite you to get started by watching “The Trailer” video. Then, if you’d like, watch “The Vision Video”, it includes more details related to why we believe we are being called to create this project.

Watch “The Trailer” for Toward The Goal
Watch “The Vision Video”

Now that you know why we’re doing this, it’s time for you to see it with your own eyes. Enjoy the first lesson of Toward The Goal.

The Perfect Pitch – Parable
Creation and the Fall – Bible Story

Season 1 includes 9 unique lessons that will take the children through the entire Bible focusing on God’s redemptive plan. However, the material is not only available in video format. As a matter of fact, we are sure that in parts of the world the videos may not even be used. To adapt to as many situations for ministry as possible, all of the lessons will be available in multiple formats. There are comic books, flip charts, worksheets, and more to ensure that the content can be used no matter where in the world the children are.

We are even translating all of the content so children can learn in their native language.

To ensure equal and easy access for anyone who wants to use Toward The Goal, we have created the content to be available, free of charge, in all formats. We want to create this content and let the Lord take it to the farthest corners of the world for His glory (Isaiah 55:8-11).

Children’s Comic Book
Leader’s Book
Flip Chart Books
Scripture Memorization Cards

We are currently testing and reviewing all completed Lessons in Africa, Europe, Asia, and the United States through our Ambassadors Football programs. Some lessons have even been translated for use in Rwanda and Nepal during testing. Translations to Spanish, French, Hindi, Bengali, and even Arabic have also been completed. So far, the feedback from the children and the coaches has exceeded our expectations and they are all asking for more! It is so wonderful to receive that encouragement from the Lord to continue moving forward. Thank you Lord!

United States of America

However, to keep moving forward, we need your help. We are looking for individuals, churches, and organizations who may be called to join us in this big faith effort.

Would you please consider joining our team so we can complete the entire program and give it away freely to the world?

“We have been supporters of Ambassadors for many years and have seen how they use football to reach kids around the world and have been touched by their testimonies. When presented with the concept for this project and the vision behind it, we knew that God was moving us to support it. We know He will multiply our donation to move His kingdom forward.”


Hopefully, by now you understand more about this project and the potential is has to move generations of children to the Lord.

Each lesson in Toward The Goal ends with a section called GOING FOR GOAL where we help the children become active disciples for Christ. We want to encourage them to share what they are learning to help other children come to know our Savior.

We do this by always asking them 3 action related questions; PRAY / DO / TELL.

So we’d like to use that same approach here to ask you…

We want to say thank you, and ask that you please join us in this vision to HELP CHILDREN AROUND THE WORLD TO KNOW JESUS THROUGH THE WORD OF GOD!


In the end, it is essential that these stories teach the children about Jesus, His Word, and provides the motivation for them to memorize scripture that will forever be written on their hearts. Their passion for football can and should be used to create a passion for knowing Jesus! This is at the core of what Toward The Goal is all about. A vast majority of children around the world LOVE football and we want to see them love Jesus even more!

Before you go on, take a moment to watch Samuel’s Story (Rwanda). His story captures perfectly and beautifully the reason we are embarking on this journey and inviting you to join us. Then we invite you to watch the video about our work in Rwanda and how it is impacting children, families, and communities across the nation; through football ministry and the local church.

Samuel’s Story
Ambassadors Football Rwanda