Partnerships – Each year Ambassadors Football partners with local churches, football clubs, and other organizations across the globe to deliver faith-based football camps as they seek to transform their local communities. Our camps have been a proven ministry that brings people to engage with the church who may not otherwise do so. They also provide a wonderful opportunity for the children of the church to invite their friends and then continue to disciple them after the camp. We often see campers grow up and become coaches in our camps because of the impact it has had in their lives.

Overview – Our Ambassadors Football Camps are generally focused on young footballers from 5-16 years old and provide them with a chance to play and compete in a fun, safe and positive environment. Our camps are staffed by trained Christian coaches that ensure a campers experience is filled with equal parts football and faith. Our camps experience includes:

  • Faith-focused instruction through daily Bible time
  • Scripture memorization
  • Technical football sessions
  • Small-sided games
  • Team and individual competitions
  • An overall goofy, fun day of being together

Global Popularity – Camps in the United States, Northern Ireland, England, Australia, Kenya, Nepal, and South Africa all have strong camp histories as part of their local ministries. These camps have become highly anticipated events within their local communities and a highlight of many churches children’s ministry outreach programs.

Bible Time – Ambassadors Football Camps feature the Toward the Goal curriculum that we developed to help children know Christ through God’s Word. The curriculum is a structured as a parable-based walk through the Bible. The team of Blueville FC mirrors the stories of the Bible helping children to understand what having faith in Christ is all about. Scripture memorization is also a key component of the material.