TREC Training Resourcing Equipping Coaches/Churches – TREC is our flagship training course that we created and offer around the world. The course is designed to teach individuals and churches how to develop their own football ministry. A key aspect of the program is to train Christian coaches to influence others and in the process mentor and disciple their players in Christ.

The Course – TREC is a 35 hour intensive training program delivered at 3 different levels. Each TREC course includes classroom and on-field training delivered by certified and licensed teachers along with experienced missionaries.

Level 1 – Introductory – General sports mission/ministry
Level 2 – Foundation – Running teams, clubs, academies
Level 3 – TREC leadership training, training the trainer.

Course Focus – Each of the TREC levels enables coaches to create a personal development plan in sports ministry. The guiding focus of each level includes:

  1. Practical Coaching – learning essential coaching principles and knowledge of the game by licensed coaches.
  2. Biblical Basis – understanding what the Bible says about sports ministry. How to be a leader, how to apply Biblical teaching in a sporting context, etc.
  3. Models of ministry – exploring the variety of approaches and creative methods football can be used to meet people, establish new contacts and share your faith.
  4. Vision – taking what has been learned with an Action Plan that can be applied by each student as they return to their churches and communities.

Certified – When a student has successfully completed their TREC course, they are considered to be TREC Trained. Each student receives a certificate and we do our best to remain in contact with students to support them in their ministry efforts.