Global Ministry

Ambassadors Football is a global football ministry that goes to great lengths to ensure that each location where ministry is conducted is relevant to the local people and their culture. What works in the Netherlands may not work for the people of South Africa.


Each country director is entrusted with the vision to reach their local culture for Christ. The beauty of the Ambassadors Football ministry family is the openness and willingness to share local tools and ideas with others. For example, the Hope Academy prison ministry in South Africa has had a huge influence directly on the growing prison ministry in Chile. The Chilean team then takes that experience and information and applies it locally to their culture and unique situation.

This type of nurturing of young new ministries also finds its way across the world to even those ministries that have existed for many years. Ambassadors encourages cross group learning opportunities through participation in programs like camps, tours, TRECs, and internships. This cross group participation provides ideas and inspiration for Ambassadors Football missionaries to take back to their own cultures and apply to the work they have been called to do.


Ambassadors Football also seeks to ensure that local ministry is conducted by local people. While missionaries may begin and launch a work in another country, the goal is to establish locals as the leaders of those works. Our TREC (Training, Resourcing, Equipping, Churches/Coaches) program was designed specifically to train locals involved in the ministry and those in the local church on how to conduct football ministry.

Culturally focused. Culturally led. Culturally effective.