William Tarpeh oversees the work in Liberia and has served with Ambassadors Football for over 20 years. A native of Liberia, William played professionally there and represented the country on the national level. His passion for football and an intentional evangelistic discipleship outreach program using sport as a platform, drove him and his wife Enetrice to begin serving at the Ambassadors club in Cleveland, Ohio. Through their involvement, they helped to launch new ministries for Ambassadors in the Czech Republic, Pittsburg, PA, Akron, OH and in refugees and immigrant communities of Cleveland, OH.

William and Enetrice felt called to engage the country of Liberia in football ministry which led them to establish an Ambassadors ministry there while continuing their work in the Cleveland area. William provides oversight of the Liberian ministry in partnership with local churches to raise up a new generation of leaders that will come to know the Lord (Matt. 28:19-20).