Who is invited?

People that are, and will be, part of our global team moving forward. This includes all staff, if possible one board member from each country, and in some cases key volunteers.

Some key ministry partners and speakers are invited for different parts of the gathering. All registrations will be coordinated and approved by the Global Executive Team.

What about spouses and children?

We invite all wives or husbands that are actively involved in the ministry. We welcome couples to bring any children that are too young to leave at home with friends or relatives, that do not need to attend school. The venue is very family friendly and there will be people on site to assist with smaller children and provide children’s programs for parts of our gathering.

Where will we be gathering?

We’ll be in Altenkirchen, Germany at Neues Leben and Sporthotel Glockenspitze. Both facilities are owned by and/or bases of ministry organizations. The hotel is linked to SRS – a German sports ministry organization with several international ties.

Frankfurt International Airport will be the best airport to arrive at for most all of you. However Köln/Bonn airport is even closer if this works better for your travel plans and/or is available at a lower cost.

Why is the gathering in Germany since we don’t have an office there?

In the past our International Leadership Conferences (ILC), the precursor to this gathering, had taken place in various countries. There are many great memories of those ILCs that took place outside of the USA and hosting the ILCs in Cleveland as with the last two ILCs had made logistical aspects easier. However, we also learned that meeting in Cleveland imposed limitations on our focus because some people had parallel objectives and commitments that came into play because of the location. We also experienced visa challenges related to the event being in the USA.

Having the gathering in Germany will allow everyone to have more focused time together in and around all of the sessions and other programs. Germany is also more geographically central and easy to reach through many international flights. We trust that visas will be less of an issue, especially if we begin the processes early.

A symbolic encouragement for us is that Germany will be celebrating 35 years of unity as a country in October 2024. It was a prayer movement that had helped the dividing wall of Germany to fall. Ambassadors and our prayer partners in Germany and beyond are praying for our overall unity and processes up to the gathering. Rahel, who is coordinating the conference and its preparations, is from Germany and has an established network of individuals, partner organizations, and churches that are excited to play a role for this gathering to happen. Please pray for those who are going to invest their time, resources, and energy to serve and help us in this way!

What is the “Ambassadors Football Förderverein”?

The Ambassadors Football Förderverein (est. in 2017) enables people in Germany to financially support our works around the world. The funds that are raised are transferred to the International Office on a quarterly basis and distributed as designated.

A Förderverein, also known as a “support association” or “promotional association,” is a type of non-profit organization found in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. “Förder” means support or promotion, and “Verein” means association or club. The primary purpose of a Förderverein is to support and promote a specific cause, institution, organization, or project, in this case Ambassadors Football. Fördervereins operate as separate legal entities. They can raise funds through membership fees, donations, fundraising events, and other initiatives. The collected funds are then used to provide financial support for the supported institution’s activities or to finance specific projects or improvements. The current board and members of the Förderverein are people from Rahel’s sending church and her broader network of supporters. They look forward to getting to know you and our ministry around the world firsthand! As part of this gathering, we are planning a special networking event for the Saturday.

How will it work financially?

Flights will be the largest expense for most, depending on your country of origin.

Costs on the ground are estimated at $50-80 per person per day, or $300-$480 for the entire time (depending on room categories). This cost includes accommodations, meals, transport, insurance etc.

All of those who can afford their airfare and on the ground cost, should plan to do so. Everyone is encouraged to cover or raise the funds needed or contribute as much as they can for their expense totals.

Where individuals struggle to cover these expenses, solutions will be found first on a country level, then on a regional level, and then on a global level.

Countries/individuals with greater capacity are encouraged to contribute for others. Additional fundraising is taking place (e.g. through the Förderverein in Germany) to subsidize costs as needed. Overall, we seek and trust God to provide and make a way for everyone that needs to be there.

How do we get our flights and visas?

Those who do not need a visa and do not need financial assistance can book your own flight, but need to communicate with Rahel before finalizing them. Those who need a visa and/or financial assistance from outside their own country, will receive further instruction.

If you have any other questions, please reach out to Rahel at: [email protected]