1. Strengthening and celebrating unity.
  2. Enjoying a special time together to connect, build, and deepen relationships.
  3. Get to know each other better and learn more about what is happening around the world.
  4. Confirm direction, leaders, processes, and and how we will operate as a ministry (developed over the next 12 months)
  5. Envisioning, encouraging, praying, growing, and worshiping together.
  6. Expand our network in Germany through the Ambassadors Football Förderverein and take advantage of the opportunity to present our ministry and connect with people that may become prayer partners, supporters, or team members through a Saturday Expo event and through opportunities on Sunday at selected churches.
  7. Training sessions and presentations that help us grow in the areas of:
    – Being a SERVANT HEARTED mission
    – Being one global TEAM
    – Being a FOOTBALL ministry
    – Being INNOVATIVE
    – Working alongside the CHURCH
    – Making disciples in all nations

A more detailed schedule will follow closer to the time of the event.

All our team members from around the world are expected to arrive in Altenkirchen, Germany on Monday, October 14 for the start of the Global Team Gathering on the morning of Tuesday, October 15.

There will be some special/external guests (speakers, partners, national board members, former staff) that will arrive and join us from the Thursday only.

Saturday, October 19 there will be a Expo event where people from surrounding churches are invited to attend to get to know you and our ministry around the world. This will provide opportunities for all of you to network and possibly gain new ministry partners and to raise the overall awareness of Ambassadors Football in Germany.

The Gathering ends on Sunday, October 20 around noon with everyone departing in the afternoon or evening.

Some attendees will have different travel directions if they are participating in additional events including:
– Arrive earlier (around Friday Oct 11) to preach and share at local churches on Sunday, October 13.
– Staying an additional 1-2 days if you have been invited to participate in a special work group.