The Ambassadors Football Förderverein enables people in Germany to financially support our works around the world. The funds that are raised are transferred to the International Office on a quarterly basis and distributed as designated.

What is Förderverein?

A Förderverein, also known as a “support association” or “promotional association,” is a type of non-profit organization commonly found in German-speaking countries, such as Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The term “Förderverein” itself is of German origin, where “Förder” means support or promotion, and “Verein” means association or club.

The primary purpose of a Förderverein is to support and promote a specific cause, institution, organization, or project. (–> Ambassadors Football in this case) These associations are typically formed by individuals, parents, alumni, or other interested parties who share a common interest in advancing the goals and activities of the entity they support. These entities can vary widely and may include schools, kindergartens, universities, museums, cultural institutions, sports clubs, charitable organizations, and more.

Fördervereins generally work independently from the organization they support and operate as separate legal entities. They often raise funds through membership fees, donations, fundraising events, and other initiatives. The collected funds are then used to provide financial support for the supported institution’s activities or to finance specific projects or improvements.

Some common objectives of Fördervereins include:

  1. Financial support: Providing financial assistance to cover the institution’s operational costs, projects, or investments that may not be covered adequately by public funding or other sources.
  2. Educational and cultural support: Organizing educational events, workshops, or cultural activities to enrich the experience and opportunities for the members or beneficiaries.
  3. Infrastructure development: Funding infrastructure projects, such as renovating buildings, purchasing equipment, or improving facilities.
  4. Scholarships and grants: Offering scholarships or grants to individuals associated with the supported organization, such as students or researchers.
  5. Networking and community building: Fostering a sense of community among the members and supporters of the Förderverein and promoting interaction with the supported institution.

By establishing a Förderverein, the supporters can have a direct impact on the success and growth of the organization they care about. Additionally, Fördervereins play an essential role in bridging the gap between public funding and the financial needs of various institutions, contributing to the overall development of the cultural, educational, and social landscape in their respective communities.