What is Förderverein?

The Ambassadors Football Förderverein (est. in 2017 through Rahel and her sending church) enables people in Germany to financially support our works around the world. The funds that are raised are transferred to the International Office on a quarterly basis and distributed as designated.

A Förderverein, also known as a “support association” or “promotional association,” is a type of non-profit organization found in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. “Förder” means support or promotion, and “Verein” means association or club. The primary purpose of a Förderverein is to support and promote a specific cause, institution, organization, or project, in this case Ambassadors Football. Fördervereins operate as separate legal entities. They can raise funds through membership fees, donations, fundraising events, and other initiatives. The collected funds are then used to provide financial support for the supported institution’s activities or to finance specific projects or improvements.

The board and members of the Förderverein  look forward to getting to know you all and our ministry around the world firsthand! As part of this gathering, we are planning a special event for the Saturday with opportunities to network and possibly gain new ministry partners.