Altenkirchen Region
The history of the district is linked with the Westerwald region. The district was established in 1816 by the Prussian administration. Altenkirchen is the northernmost district of Rhineland-Palatinate. It is occupied by the northern portions of the Westerwald mountains. The valley of the Sieg River borders the Westerwald on the north. The lands north of the Sieg are called Wildenburgisches Land, after the tiny county of Wildenburg, that once existed here.

Altenkirchen the City
Altenkirchen is also a town in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, capital of the district of Altenkirchen. It is located approximately 40 km east of Bonn and 50 km north of Koblenz. Altenkirchen is the seat of the Verbandsgemeinde (“collective municipality”) Altenkirchen-Flammersfeld. The population of the city as of 2021 was 6,162.