Prison Ministry

Ambassadors Football seeks to reach out to those whose decisions have led them to a life behind bars. Most often forgotten by society, most prisoners serving time have been despised and rejected long before they earned their way to prison. Utilizing a common love of football some Ambassadors groups have found a way to free prisoners to explore a life of discipline, hard work, and a connection to Christ in the context of a football team. Life lessons that they have either rejected or were never taught are offered in the programs run by our staff in South Africa, Spain, Chile, and the UK.


South Africa

Ambassadors Football began their prison ministry in Pollsmoor Prison 2002. The experience gained in Pollsmoor opened the door to create the Hope Academy in the Drakenstein prison.

The Hope Academy prisoners live together in a cell block where they spend each day with training for football and for a life with Christ. Their day includes studying the Bible, skills development training, life skills training and living with additional rules that exceed those of the prison system.


The Drakenstein Prison is a model rehabilitation program that through the Lord’s blessing has resulted in truly transformed lives for those in the program as well as for those who have left the program through release. A key feature to this ministry is the follow-up that occurs with the guys once they have served their time. It is a model that many from around the world have come to observe and learn more about.


The Chilean ministry uses futsal to create personal relationships with the prisoners in a few of the prisons surrounding the Santiago area. The focus of the ministry is at Colina II where they have become a welcomed part of the prison team. Through their relationship building efforts and partnership with prison personnel, many have come to hear and know the grace and redemption of Jesus Christ.



Ambassadors Football Spain has a year-round visitation program for both men’s and women’s prisoners in the local Granada prison. The men play futsal in the court located in the center of the cell block they visit, while the women have times of singing & discussion. Special events around Christmas & Easter services are also part of the ministry outreach.